Founder Story

I’ll never forget that fateful day. 

12th August 2006.

14 years ago, I was a young soldier in the army. And I was fighting in the most brutal war I had ever known. 

It was on that day, that a fragment of a Mortar Missile flying at several miles per hour, lodged itself into my right arm, and instantly deadened 85% of the nerves within.

I was quickly evacuated in a helicopter, and not long after, I realized my right arm was completely paralyzed.

The injury was so severe, it left me shaking, and shocked me into a state of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

At the hospital, treated me, calmed me down and controlled the extent of harm from my injuries. After 4 days, the medical team gave me the bad news I had been dreading for so long. They said that I will probably lose my arm ...

I remember that moment like it was yesterday. My life changed had forever.

I went from once feeling in complete control over my life, to the very next moment...contemplating my life as an amputee.

And, the struggle of the PTSD and the latent physical injury was only just beginning.

For years to come, I had to deal with the constant never-ending mental angst and constant chronic pain. And for years, I did as my what my doctors told me:

“Just take your meds regularly and make sure you check your blood from time to time”

Unfortunately, “regular medicine” didn’t do much for me. 

My arm showed no sign of recovery. My chronic pain worsened. My PTSD showed no end in sight. I felt increasingly agitated, anxious and angry.

I was a wreck. And I was desperate for quick answers to my problems.

What I didn’t do, was look into my real problems  - to the root cause behind everything I was experiencing.

I was suffering and didn’t know where to go. But I had never thought to look within!

At this time, I was aware to alternative medicine but I would never have thought it could possibly cure my severe injuries and stress disorders.

But with no other option working for me, I decided to open myself fully to alternative medicine and to fully connect with my mind and body.

To start healing myself from the very root. From my very essence.

I started using Chinese medicine, herbal formulas, Reiki, meditation, sport and a host subconscious methods to give my body and mind the best conditions to heal. 

Now, if you think this is all “woo-woo”, I don’t blame you. Because just a year before the injury, I would have laughed at this stuff too! 

In fact, even as I embarked on this eastern healing journey, I was skeptical. “Could this really work?” I had thought to myself many times.

Well, I’m grateful I gave it a shot. 

Because in 6 months, I had experienced a greater recovery than I had in 5 years of antibiotics, opioids and pain-relievers.

I was able to heal fully, physically and mentally. And I was human again. 

I was able to laugh, to love, to feel joy, to wake up pain-free, to run, to swim, to breathe normally.

All the things that I had been deprived of for years after my injury. 

My transformation was so radical, that I felt compelled to help as many people as I could going through pain, and who are unable to find a solution through conventional medicine.

I decided to understand and connect all forms of healing. From western medicine and pharmaceuticals to eastern herbalism and holistic recovery. 

What I found, was that the “roots” of many chronic pains and depressive disorders were identical. The solutions I had discovered to heal my pain, also helped heal the pain of many seniors, including my own parents and grandparents.

I made sure that the use of every ingredient in each formula is backed by scientific research,  the recommendation of medical doctors and that they are truly effective in the short and the long run.

That’s why I created BioYouth Labs, a place where you can find natural formulas made of pure herbs and holistic remedies. And as a vegan, I make sure that each formula is cruelty-free with no GMO’s or any artificial ingredients.

BioYouth Labs was created to bring back your inner glow…

To help you experience the vitality of your younger self again. 

To help you experience the thrill of living life again. 

So you can wake up looking forward to the best of your days. Still to come.

Friend, know this: 

Regardless of what brought you here, if you are experiencing chronic pain or depression, please feel free to reach out. Even if you just need someone to talk to.

I’m here for you and want you to know that you are important to me even if we don’t know each other yet. Every person in this world is valuable.

You deserve to be healthy and live a full life. After all, isn’t that the very purpose of living in this world?

Thank you for reading. I hope that in the coming future we will have the opportunity to serve you.

All the best

Mor Halali

Founder of BioYouth Labs