Eat These In The Winter



Hey there. It's Mary Sheila here. 

I'm actually in my garden. 

It's winter time, so there's not a whole lot going on besides lots of plants volunteering themselves. 

But I did plant a couple beds full of cruciferous vegetables, which are such a great ally to our health. They're high in B vitamins, folate, and high nutrients called isothiocyanates.

These foods are very cancer protective and contain enzymes that when we start chewing on them activate and support the liver in helping us to get rid of toxins. They also support the stomach and help us to remove excess hormones in the body. 

I'm going to show you my little garden beds of cruciferous veggies that I planted, that are extremely nutritious and great foods to eat in the winter, when they seem to thrive. Hope you can enjoy them too! 

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Thank you Sheila. I want to grow and always have fresh vegetables but I don’t have a green thumb and there are lots of squirrels around here, alley cats, some skunks and mice around the neighborhood. The sun shines in the backyard only in the morning, In front of the house the sun shines all day and I have limited land there and on the side it shines directly only after three. I have some empty buckets which I may be able to fill with good earth and plant some vegetables with seeds from Home Depot.

Ana Melecio

Thank you for this information about what foods grow in the winter time, it came right on time for me.

Elizabeth Clarke

Hi Sheila. Thank you for sharing your video . Your garden look great!


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