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best high BP supplement

CholestAway™ 100% Natural Cholesterol Supplement

CholestAway™ 100% Natural Cholesterol Supplement

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  • Doctor Formulated
  • GMP Certified & FDA Facility
  • USA Manufactured
  • 60-Days guarantee
  • 100% Vegan
  • Non GMO
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60-day, full money-back guarantee

All of BioYouth Labs' formulas come with a60-day, full money-back guarantee. This means you can give this formula a test drive, completely risk-free. If for whatever reason, you're not 100% happy with your results, just send the bottle back within the first 60 days from purchase, and you'll receive a 100% refund, no questions asked.

brain supplement

Bacopa Monnieri

This formula benefits from Bacopa Monnieri, a powerful all-natural nootropic repeatedly found to have cognition-boosting properties, with one clinical research study also finding “positive mood effects and reduction in cortisol levels”.

Ginkgo biloba

Also containsGinkgo biloba, one of the most popular supplements for focus and attention

Melissa Officinalis

Melissa Officinalis, another nootropic found in this formula, is commonly used by individuals with hyperactive minds for its calming and focus-inducing properties.


Citicoline found in the NeuroGro™ ingredient CDP-choline boosts glutathione levels in the brain, which reduces “free radical” attacks on brain cells from oxidation. That means increased protection and reduced damage to brain cells, and a sharper younger mind even as you age.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 279 reviews
I Certainly Would Give It A Try

I am one were supplements respond to my body differently. At first I was not taking them as often, but then I noticed it helped with my Stress, Anxiety and it Lowers my Blood pressure, I was hooked. I have NOT had any side effects. Now I will try their Blood Sugar Balance. I get blood work done in 3 months and I will see what effect both both products had. I'm excited! I am so glad I came across your product. Thank you!

Charles Kramer
Best Cholesterol Supplement

I have tried several supplements and I believe this is the best one on the market.

Janet Stevens

I took this for 60 days and I've been feeling so good

Sandi Kellman

I was very happy with my results. It helped reduce my cholesterol by 30 points! I will continue to purchase this product. Only issue I have is a little bit of an intestinal upset once in a while. I highly recommend this item if one’s intent is to use a more natural product.

Glenda Haye Morris
So Far So Good

I began using this supplement in February. I had a blood test in July. My cholesterol level took a positive turn. I have an appointment later this month, i looking for more positive news.

Cholestaway review

Great product. Very happy with the results.

Really works

I went in to the doctor and they prescribed me statin. After a couple months of this pill I no longer need it! Life changing stuff

Greg George
Does it have any side effects?

Does it have any side effects

I'm Winning And Loving It!

I purchase your "Cholesterol" product in March/April of this year 2023... after the first bottle I subscribe for monthly supply.
I just want to give an update about how this product change my life... causing me to stop taking medication.
My Cholesterol was 174 then and now its 122,
My Triglycerides was 224 then and now its 114,
My LDL-C was 110 then and now its 101,... I take the supplements as directed after 1 month I ditch all medications and haven't looked back.
I also take the supplement for Blood Pressure which is back in normal range.
I highly recommend these product …No more meds for me.

Marge Lange
Something you should try

I only take one capsule a day and it works well if you have high cholesterol. You still have to be careful what you eat. It’s a good pill 💊 for anyone to try .