What Is Anxiety and How To Deal With It From A Holistic Approach

Anxiety conditions emerge from a diverse collection of risk factors, including biology, brain chemistry, temperament, and traumatic life events.

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent psychiatric condition in the United States, impacting 40 million people specifically those aged 18 and over, which is approximately 18.1% of the population every year.

But the most interesting insight here is that anxiety is easily treatable yet only about 37% of those 40 million get treatment! So, what exactly is an anxiety disorder?

Anxiety is the response of the mind and body to unpleasant, threatening, or unknown circumstances.

It's a feeling of unease, anxiety, or apprehension that you experience before a certain event.

A certain degree of anxiety allows one to be alert and aware, but it is far from normal for those suffering from an anxiety disorder as it may be absolutely crippling!

Occupational output, schoolwork, and personal relationships can be impacted due to anxiety disorders.

There are many types of anxiety disorders such as normal anxiety disorder, which is excessive worrying about responsibilities and minor matters, which can lead to physical symptoms such as restlessness and fatigue.

Other types of the disorder include panic disorder, phobia, Social Anxiety Disorder or Social Phobia, and separation Anxiety Disorder. The reason why many people do not receive help is that they don’t realize that anxiety can actually be treated!

No matter what type of anxiety disorder a person may have, there are various treatments for each of them.

Most doctors will prescribe you antidepressants and medicinal drugs, that make you unresponsive and hostile, but holistic doctors, on the other hand, believe that anxiety can be cured through means of holistic therapy, unconditional love and support, and other minor changes in one’s lifestyle.

Choosing a holistic approach to deal with anxiety is a proactive and cheaper treatment compared to medications.


Get The Right Amount of Sleep

The reason why a holistic approach is a cheaper treatment is that, while it does require you to go to therapy, there are tons of other natural ways that you can use on your own to help calm yourself down. The basic and easiest goal to achieve in a holistic approach is to start getting more hours of sleep. You can do this if you start sleeping exactly when you’re tired, not using your phone while you get ready for bed, avoid moving around in bed trying to force yourself to sleep, keeping your room as dark as possible, and avoiding caffeine (drinking tea or coffee), nicotine or large meals before going to bed.


Meditation Should Be Part of Your Morning Routine

The next thing on the list is to start your day with some meditation, as meditation replaces the uneasy thoughts in your mind with calm ones. 30 minutes of meditation after waking up is proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels!

Exercising vs anxiety

Now is a Good Time as Any to Start Exercising!

Regular exercise is always good for anyone, especially when it comes to anxiety as it helps to relax your physical, mental, and emotional health, which are some of the key aspects of living a holistic life.

Avoid Alcohol and Narcotics
This goes without saying, but avoiding narcotics, such as nicotine and avoiding alcohol should be a priority whether or not you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. Though alcohol and nicotine are natural sedatives, their effect doesn’t last for a long time and, when the effect is over, more times than most, anxiety levels in a person increase drastically!

Talking to a holistic therapist and following all these natural remedies to cure anxiety will for sure help you live a better and stress-free life.

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