3 Tips To Not Gain Weight This Holiday Season



Hey there. Mary Sheila from BioYouth Labs. I want to talk about strategies that you can employ if you find yourself over indulgent during the holidays. 


The first thing I want to say is if you do overindulge and eat a lot more than you expected or thought you would, it’s OK! 

Do not play the shame game with yourself. That's the number one tip I want you to get out of this message.


That's part of what the holidays are all about, so let yourself off the hook. 


Do not expect yourself to be a perfect person. But what that also means is that the next day or the next meal is a time that you can course correct. The next day, eat your regular meals. Maybe you make it a point to not have sugar the next day, which is a great idea, but do not feel like you have to punish yourself the next day and skip breakfast or skip this meal or do this or do that.


No, just go ahead and go about your life. 


It's OK. 


If you eat more one day for a holiday and go into a feast mode, that's fine. 


The next holiday tip I want to share is this - limit snacking, especially during the holidays, 


Save yourself for your meals and focus on protein. That is going to be key. Having a focus on protein with every meal will really help to stabilize your blood sugar, even if you do end up having dessert or more sugar. Do your best to avoid snacking blindly during the day, and be intentional with your sugar intake.  


I like to make sure there's days where I get up and set the goal that I'm not eating sugar that day. This helps me to hold myself accountable. I like to do this with my friends, we’ll text and say, “OK, we're not having sugar today”,  and that feels really good to get that support. 


And lastly, a great way to hold yourself accountable, to hold your physiology accountable, is to have a good breakfast that's focused on protein, fat and fiber.


When you start your day with a good breakfast, you set yourself up with a foundation of blood sugar balance. You're not depriving your adrenals which could lead to higher cortisol and more cravings as a result. You can step into your day by having a good breakfast, allowing all the unknowns that are coming later in the day to not be a challenge for you. You’ll approach them with a strong foundation in the morning because of your breakfast. 


So to wrap it up,  don't feel shameful when you indulge during the holidays. 

Go back to your regular way of eating that works for you when you do. 


When that indulgence is over, try not to snack. Try to just focus on eating balanced meals


I had one client recently say she was watching a friend of hers at a potluck.  She said when she goes to potlucks and there's big spreads, she finds herself snacking and picking and eating continuously. However, her friend grabs a plate, puts her food on the plate, walks away and eats that food on her plate. That allows you to be more in control and aware of how much you're actually eating.

Instead of thinking you just had a couple of this and that, you know what you had.  It’s an easier way to hold yourself accountable. 


And remember to have a good breakfast. 


And don’t forget to stay hydrated,  so you can stay grounded with electrolytes and water. 

I hope this is helpful and I hope you're having a great holiday season and I'll see you next time.

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