Hair-Aid™ Natural Hair Growth Supplement

Hair-Aid™ Natural Hair Growth Supplement
Hair-Aid™ Natural Hair Growth Supplement
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Hair-Aid™ Natural Hair Growth Supplement

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Natural Hair Growth Supplement

✔️ Stop Hair Loss & Help Regrow Hair*
✔️ Strengthen Weak & Brittle Hair*
✔️ Increases Hair Elasticity*
✔️ Regenerate Failing Hair Follicles*
✔️ Regrow Thicker & Stronger Hair*

  • Vitamin E
    Contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant which Strengthens Weak & Brittle Hair and increases hair elasticity.

  • Saw palmetto
    Contains Saw palmetto which blocks “5-alpha-reductase”, a chemical often responsible for hair loss. 

  • Raspberry Ketones
    The Raspberry Ketones in this formula promote the insulin growth factor called "IGF-1", thus regenerating failing Hair Follicles.

  • Iron also found in Hair-Aid™, is a common supplement prescribed to sufferers of hair loss. Helps reverse any iron-deficiencies and helps you regrow hair that’s thicker & stronger than ever before.

Frequently asked questions 

Does Hair-Aid Natural Hair Growth Supplement affect growth in other parts of the body?

Hair-Aid Natural Hair Growth doesn’t affect the hair growth on other hairless areas. The volume of hair present on other hairless parts remain unaffected, as Hair-Aid Growth supplements target the follicles on your scalp. The dormant areas such as your legs and arms grow hair to a certain length and aren’t in a continual growth phase. The follicles on these dormant areas experience no change upon consumption of this dietary supplement.  


Are there any possible side effects of Hair-Aid Natural hair Growth dietary supplements?

Hair-Aid Natural hair Growth is a dietary supplement that is 100% drug-free and complies with all the FDA standards. There aren’t any clinically proven side effects of consuming these supplements. 

However, it might be likely that an individual shows sensitivity to one or more ingredients of the supplements. If you experience any unusual symptom, reduce the usage until the symptoms normalize. If the symptoms do not disappear after the reduced consumption, discontinue the usage. We would suggest that you consult your doctor before starting the supplements regimen and follow the supplement therapy as per your doctor’s recommendation. 

In most cases, saw palmetto doesn’t show any side effects. However, some individuals may experience dizziness, headache, constipating and nausea. If any of these symptoms persist, consult your doctor about continuing with the supplement therapy. 


How soon will you be able to see new hair? 

Hair-aid Natural Hair Growth works internally to stimulate better hair growth. However, vitamin and iron deficiencies differ from person to person. An individual with increased iron or vitamin deficiencies may need more dosage than others with normal iron and vitamin levels. 

On average, our customers see improved hair growths within 30 to 60 day of using the supplement. In some cases, customers experience noticeable hair growth within the for the 2 to 3 weeks of consuming these supplements. We recommend that you use the supplements for 60 days for experiencing the best results. 


How Does Hair-Aid Natural Hair Growth Supplements work?

Hair-Aid Natural Hair Growth Supplements strengthen the brittle hair, minimize hair loss, and regenerate the hair follicles. These supplements work to prevent hair breakage and help reverse iron deficiencies for growing thicker hair. They help improve the elasticity of your hair and prevent thinning and brittleness. With improved overall hair health, you will experience enhanced regrowth and minimize hair loss. 


What makes Hair-Aid Natural Hair Growth Supplement different from other dietary supplements?

Hair-Aid Natural Hair Growth Supplement is a comprehensive dietary supplement formula designed to provide nourishment to your body needed for improved hair growth. Its vitamin E content strengthens your hair and promotes hair elasticity. Saw Palmetto helps reduce the chances of hair loss while the iron maximizes hair growth and makes your hair thicker and stronger.*  

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I’m so glad I found this! It really works and helps. Just have to be patient things don’t happen overnight just give it some time and you’ll see the results.


It takes time for it to work but will definitely work


I can already see the hanges in my scalp after using this.



Love it!

Goooooooooood product!!!