5 ways to create calm and support your blood pressure



Hey there, Mary Sheila here from BioYouth Labs


Today I'm talking about blood pressure. 


I want to share 5 dietary and lifestyle tips you can do on the daily to support healthy blood pressure levels. 


  • The first way to create calm is to have a cup of tea.  

    Sit down and have a cup of tea. What happens when we sit down and have a cup of tea? If a friend comes over and we want to visit with them, we sit down and have a cup of tea. 


    The act of sitting down to a cup of tea really lets us relax and be present. And presence in our life is so key when it comes to being in the moment and letting the nervous system be calm. That presence is a powerful way to support blood pressure. We know that it can go up when we are more stressed, when our breath is more shallow, and when we're not breathing deeply.


    I encourage you to check in with that calm. A daily cup of tea can help you to get there.

    Make a point every day to sit down and have a cup of tea.  You can take  it outside and soak up some vitamin D, watch the birds and just enjoy yourself. 


    That's my first tip, to let certain rituals that you have in your life be your ally, to help you to create calm,  because ultimately we're trying to affect our inner physiology.


  • Create healthy boundaries for yourself

    The second tip that I want to share, is something that I see so much these days, and I’m including myself here, and this is  to have healthy boundaries when it comes to all the intake from the outside world. I’m talking about the news, scrolling on our phones, and on our computers. It’s those rabbit holes of whatever kind of information we find ourselves in and It’s important to have boundaries around how much we're willing to take in, because it does affect us. 


    As a practitioner in the last few years I've seen people get so riled up and stressed out. Even when you hear the word  “riled up” you can feel the pressure rise. People get hot in chats and with what they are posting and it’s not always nice or constructive, because we rarely change anyone’s opinion. 


    It’s important to have healthy boundaries about what we let in, how often we're participating and remember to be present in our own world, tending to our day-to-day life, our relations, and how we communicate with those around us.  


    1. Let nature help you to create calm 


    The next tip I want to share is to make sure you take time to walk in nature. I love the idea of a stroll after a meal. Enjoy your meal, clean up, and take a walk. That's a really simple and healthy way to support your metabolism. It doesn't have to be a sprint, a fast walk, or anything like that. 


    Just a stroll.  It could be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or however long you have. If you can create that space within the framework of your meal and allow a little bit more time to include a walk, you’ll support  everything to move in the digestive tract, help to create calm after a meal. Much better than jumping right back into something like sitting with bad posture, instead your metabolism will be humming along with you while you walk. 


    1. The next tip I'd like to give you is a reminder to eat the rainbow.


    Now that can sound so cliche, I know, but know that the colorful fruits and vegetables that you are ingesting, those colors are actually pigments that the plant creates to support and protect it. When we consume those pigments, those colors protect us and our blood vessels.  They're very healing even though they come in such small doses, they pack a big punch. 


    1. Prioritize your sleep


    Your body needs to detoxify and rest for healthy blood pressure levels. Make it a priority, crawl into bed early, consistently. This will create a new habit and the body will adapt. 


    Thanks for listening, and please share ways you like to create calm in the body.  


    • Diane

      I really needed to hear this. Thank you for sharing. It all makes sense. Blood pressure is important to keep under control.

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