How to make food more nutritious and less inflammatory



Today I’m talking about how to make your food less reactive and more nutritious. 

This is such an important topic because anytime you are having an immune or allergy response to the foods you’re eating, even if it's minor, your body creates antibodies that flood through your bloodstream and lymphatic system, raising the pressure in your body, including your blood pressure. 

There are ways to lower the reactivity and make our food more nutritious, which is a win win because we’ll get more from our food. 

We’ll get more vitamins, minerals, and  phytonutrients,  and as a result our immune system is going to stay calm and our waters are not going to get pressurized the same way they could if we eat things that cause an immune response. 

Today I want to talk about beans, specifically garbanzo beans. Before I cook them I soak them for 24 hours.  I start soaking them in warm water and throw a splash of lemon juice in with it. Just a little squirt of lemon or vinegar to lower the pH of my water which will help to activate the enzymes that are going to start breaking down the anti nutrients like phytase.

Phytic acid can inhibit minerals like iron and zinc and calcium from absorbing into the body. I also cook them in my pressure cooker or instant pot. Now if you have an instapot and you haven't gotten excited about it yet, this is a great way to use it because it’s super quick and cooking the beans on high pressure  lowers something else that can be reactive in the body called  lectins. 

Lectins are sticky protein carb molecules that, for some people can create an immune response. If someone has an autoimmune condition, they might be more reactive to foods that contain lectins.So by cooking beans properly, soaking sprouting and pressure cooking we have just made our food less reactive.

Another way to make food less reactive and more nutritious is to use spices. Spices are one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.  The more we spice our foods, the more nutrient density we make them, and the more digestible our food become, because spices increase our own digestive juices. 

When our food is properly prepared - soaked and sprouted, and spiced to perfection, we are able to increase the digestibility of our foods, not to mention increase the Yum factor and enjoyability of every meal, and that’s a win win! 


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