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Hey there, Mary Sheila here from BioYouth labs. 


Today I’d like to share a story and a poem.


Here’s the story first -


I was just starting a new teaching job at an Ayurvedic center where I live in Sonoma County.


I was really excited and we had just had our first meeting. I stayed in the classroom, after the meeting and these two gentlemen walked in and we struck up a conversation. 


And of course we started talking about nutrition. It was a lovely conversation and one of the gentlemen shared a poem about nutrition that I’d like to share with you:  


Small Daily Steps


How do I begin, a bad habit to break

and in it’s stead, a good one to make?

A real life change that puts me on the path

to being all I can, and having it last?


This time will be different. This time I’ll be smart. 

What habits need changing? where shall I start?

I’ll begin by choosing one thing from them all.

I’ll make sure it’s easy, maybe even too small.


One apple a day, a walk round the block

an extra serving of veggies, in the soup stock

Some green leafy lettuce on whole grain bread

a tall glass of water when I get out of bed.


I’ll stick to it daily, do the best that I can.

And if it’s not working, make an easier plan.

I’ll cut it in half, and make sure it’s fun

I’ll make it so easy, It can’t go undone.


Then I’ll stick to the plan for 5 weeks or more

and see what I’ve learned as I walk through that door.

I’ll be kind to myself, and quick to forgive

the mistakes that are lesson, in this new way to live.


And when I’ve completed the first step without hurry

I’ll take the next one, and continue my journey.

Poem by David Penner



Mary Sheila and the BioYouth Labs Team

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Sheila, thank you for the poem. I love bread but I am deciding to take care of myself and try to live without it. I do have potatoes, veggies, and I love rice. I thought I couldn’t eat rice but thank you for letting me know I can. I also love any kinds of beans. I tried to do the survey today but it was no longer available. Thanks again. Ana

Ana C. Melecio

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