The Art of Chewing for Optimal Digestion



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Great reminder!! Suggestion !! I’ve noticed over the years when a health Professional gives me a thought about chewing, sleep etc. Specific Numbers gives me MORE to shoot for. Like an army buddy suggested yrs. ago to chew each bite 24 times. Now I don’t do that but it does give me something to strive for. Also re: Sleep! A nutritionist gave me some : eat dinner by 6-7pm and go to bed by something. I’ve had Lymes Disease pretty bad for 26 yrs. Needed a lot of help. Got entangled in major caregiving for others and lost my internal health regime. Like now I go to sleep @ 3am and get up between 9-10am I don’t like this schedule, but because nobody will give me numbers to shoot for and I can’t remember the old regime, I’m just all over the map at 74. Thanks

Christine Kingery

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