The best trick to lower blood sugar



Hello BioYouth Community. 


It's Mary Sheila, in sunny but chilly Northern California. 


I'm going to have lunch soon, but I want to share with you the number one thing you can do to support blood sugar levels in the body. That is to move your body.  Get some movement in around your meal time. 


You could do it before you eat, or after you eat. It doesn't totally matter. But what happens when you move your body around meal time is you open up your cells to receive the glucose from the food that you're going to be eating. 


If you find yourself just sitting there working, then you eat your lunch and you go right back to working, your cells don't need that much energy, because you've just been sitting. 


So you gotta move. 


I am here to inspire you to get a move on around your meal time. I just actually threw a little bit of my lunch in the toaster oven and I've got my little trusty sidekick Ziggy, and we're going to go for a little walk in the neighborhood.  We're going to do that so that we can actually get my cells ready for the food that I'm going to eat, so that I'm going to be better at lowering my blood sugar after I eat. 


I don't want the sugar, also called glucose that goes into my bloodstream when I'm done digesting to stay in there longer than it needs to. So I'm going to move my body wither before or after my meal, and hey, if you're feeling good, do it before and after. 


Move your body, go for a walk, do some kind of movement and allow your body to process that glucose faster.  When glucose stays in the bloodstream too long, if you have insulin resistance, movement is one of the best things you can do. When you move your body, your cells are going to be more sensitive and inviting to that insulin, which is the escort to get the sugar into your cells. 


Now what happens in insulin resistance, pre diabetes, and diabetes, the cells change the lock on the insulin, the receptors say, “There's just too much glucose coming in here, I'm changing the lock.” They change the lock so the sugar or glucose stays in the bloodstream longer. 


And what that does over time, is the glucose starts attaching and sticking to our red blood cells. That's going to thicken our blood. That sticky sugar sticks to red blood cells. As a result, your blood becomes thicker. That's what a  high A1C is.  This makes your heart have to work harder. This could raise your blood pressure, and raise cholesterol. 


We want to keep our blood sugar down. So when you have a meal, get a move on.


We actually just had about three weeks of really intense rainstorms. So this walk is not only good for my blood sugar, it's also really good for my soul right now because it feels really glorious to have sunshine,  even my dog is happier. getting a move on. Alright. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

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