What is Holistic Health?

It is said that a person’s body is made of independent parts, but if one part is not working, the others will be affected one way or the other.

Living a holistic life, a person can ensure that all these independent parts of their body are operating normally, making their overall health as perfect as possible.

Holistic therapy is a method of treatment that embraces the entire person’s body, mind, spirit, and emotion, in search of optimum health and well-being of the individual.

Holistic therapy helps a person achieve optimum health by helping the person gain perfect and proper balance to his or her life.

Living holistic health does not mean living on medicine but, rather when you go to a holistic doctor, the first response will almost never be medicine.

Instead, the doctor will take a look at all the potential factors that may cause any health problems, nutrition intake and diet and sleep patterns, stress and personal problems, and spiritual practices like meditation and yoga.

Holistic Health has 4 principles which are that people have healing powers inside of them, the person is a patient and not the sickness, healing takes place when all aspects of a person’s body are approached, and fixing the cause of the issue instead of the symptoms.

The ultimate belief is that unconditional love and support is what heals a person.



To live a holistic life, there are 5 aspects that a person has to address. The first one is physical, as it is the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks about your health.

To achieve the most out of your physical health it is important for you to sleep for 8 hours a day, maintain glucose levels, have a balanced diet, avoid narcotics, and exercising.



The second thing that comes to mind is mental health. Our mental health refers to our cognitive abilities that affect the functioning of our brains.

To improve your mental health, you should solve crosswords and sudoku every morning and any free time that you get as this helps your mind be active.

Spiritual, Emotional, & Social

The other 3 aspects are spiritual, emotional, and social. A person can try to optimize these aspects to the best of their abilities, but it is recommended to visit a holistic doctor as these three aspects can only be achieved through means of therapy and meditation.

Holistic health has a lot of advantages, the most crucial one being that you will live a perfectly well-balanced lifestyle with social, emotional, mental, and physical awareness.

Another great advantage to living a holistic lifestyle is that you will not need to put any type of drugs or medication to cure your symptoms, instead, there will be medical professionals who will look after you, making sure that you will be more proactive in your health, instead of being reactive to it!

Last, but not least, there will be a tremendous amount of saving, in terms of time, energy, and money (in the long run).

In this day and age, it is better to live holistically instead of depending on medications that cure your symptoms, but not the source of it!

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